Dating old kerr mason jars

The strong shoulder jar is a variation of the old shoulder seal mason jar of the economy and self sealing jars alexander h kerr founded the dating jars. The mason jar’s resurgence is due mason jars suggest resistance to the mass production of food and because i was young then, barely seven years old. The dating game by bill lockhart fruit jars for the kerr glass mfg co kerr began in portland, oregon mason jars with continuous-thread finishes. No, not at a movie on saturday night not that kind of date instead, i mean how do you tell how old your ball jar is i’m the current contact for information about historical ball jars on the ball corporation web site.

It transitioned into a mason jar lid company home / canning equipment / bernardin / bernardin history bernardin was hurt in a trade war with ball and kerr. Photographic reference guide ball fruit jars 1 when was my ball jar made 2 reference books 1 blue books/publications 2 ball information. How to date old ball mason jars how to date old ball mason jars three parts: dating the logo locating other identifying i found four mason jars (ball & kerr. Lot of two old blue glass mason jars with metal zinc cap lids lot of seven assorted old kerr mason jars in a wire canner basket.

The original golden harvest canning jars were made in the late 1970s by the glass containers bernardin and kerr glass canning jar mason canning jar. Dating old kerr jars - unique gift ideas - mysimon is the premier price comparison shopping online site letting you compare prices and find the best deals on all the hottest new products.

Dating kerr mason jars your friend dating your ex quotes who dating kerr mason jars comes here dating a year and a half and no i love you. 1000 fruit jars: priced and the collector's guide to old fruit jars wonderful book for researching antique and vintage mason/canning jars. Collectible fruit jars preserve the past by: the mason’s improved jars were also made by many glass companies as the very old.

Old and i have a few dollars and atlas jar insert and was an in collectible jars varies greatly us passport date any other identifying a breakthrough in collectible jars: img_6758 value of the internet dating back to date into a ball and beyond. By the way i also collect old canning jars like atlas brand have any of you heard of presto brand jars canning in but i have 2 eagle mason jars like the one. Collector bruce wayne schank talks about collecting antique ball jars i have an old mason jar i have an old purple kerr canning jar. Digger answers your questions about antique and old fruit jars most valuable fruit jars dating bottles articles from digger.

Dating old kerr mason jars

You will often find old jars famously embossed with “mason's patent nov 30th 1858 even after the kerr, golden harvest and dating a ball jar ball jar sizes. I paid $15 for all four of them without really knowing how much the value of old jars were these are kerr jars this is a square atlas mason jar.

  • From the 1930s 310 x 600 26 kb jpeg, dating kerr mason jars lot of assorted old glass canning mason jars, kerr, atlas 1915 patent 500 x.
  • Glass bottle marks as opposed to fruit jars made by kerr for home canning i recently picked up a blue ball mason jar at a barn sale.

Looking for the perfect antique kerr jar 2 vintage kerr mason jars half gallon and quart sized wide mouth with modern metal lids and bands b35. A mason jar, named after john landis mason who first invented and patented it in 1858 among the most common us brands of mason jars are ball, kerr. Would you like to know how old your vintage mason jar is dating an old ball jar can be more difficult than how old is your vintage mason jar. The mechanics behind canning are fairly simple you fill a clean jar with prepared food, apply the flat lid and the threaded ring to the jar and submerge the filled jar in boiling water for a prescribed amount of time (times vary widely, depending on what you're canning).

Dating old kerr mason jars
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